Gamification in Taskera

Gamification in real-time. Imagine a football coach who corrects his player actions on spot in a game and gets a desirable outcome

Taskera Drives Workplace in Real Time

  1. Measuring performance is a good idea, just set goal and measure employees' productivity. But not easier than said.
  2. The problem here is most performance management practices involve biases, miscommunication and misunderstanding between employees and managers. Naturally, the outcome is, people find it threatening, confrontational and discouraging in workplace.
  3. Taskera will effectively gamify workplace by enabling users to collect badges and earn rewards based on their levels of activity and related achievements / goals.
  4. Taskera even provides leaderboard which allows users to compete with their co-workers to see who can accumulate maximum score in a given time frame.
  5. Gamified platform leverages every person psychologically to drive towards desired goals.

Taskera Drives Desired Outcomes

  1. Research about performance evaluation shows that managers are often unaware of the fact that their evaluations are just conjecture on their part in measuring KPIs in real time, but not a certiainty.
  2. Leads to spillover effect in the workplace, people feel differently about work and whether their efforts and performance will be fairly recognised ?.
  3. Employee engagement and productivity are complicated ideas.
  4. Taskera, as a key component for workplace gamification success, is by identifying desired business outcomes and providing the full range of rewards and recognitions that will motivate people and others
  5. Taskera offers a full menu of motivators suites individual preferences, including financial rewards, opportunities to learn and gain confidence, recognition by others in the workplace, community-based rewards, competitive environment and other type of incentives.

Taskera Help Employees

  1. Taskera brings a positive process that reflects both to employees and their managers by allowing algorithms for performance evaluation.
  2. Taskera's insightful data that results in enabling the employees by effectively making changes in their work performances, in the area where they are lacking.
  3. Taskera platform works as a clear link between gamification and developing workplace skills.
  4. Taskera's gamification strategies can increase employee motivation while enhancing the ability of employees to retain work-related knowledge.
  5. Taskera provides gamified performance feedback, offering workers a way to measure and improve their productivity as they continue to solve issues/tasks.
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