In taskera, gamification refers to the use of game-like mechanics in Project / Task Management.

  • Why Project / Task Management is essential ? Project/task management has largely remained unchanged in the last two decades. It primarily focuses on scheduling and tracking status, and completely ignores the individual’s unique abilities.
  • As In any game, in taskera, every action has an instant feedback. No more waiting for annual appraisals to find out if you did something right or wrong. This is at the heart of employees' engagement. It incentivizes employees for their good behavior.
  • People enjoy playing games where they believe that they have a fair chance of winning. Games are clearly defined meritocracies with clear cause-effect relationships. In taskera, every activity is tracked and measured by machine learning algorithms which are free from any human bias.
  • Employees are demotivated when the status is incompatible with work done. Gamers call it cheating. taskera is an environment where every user activity is tracked, appraised and cumulated. Employees build up status over time and this is directly reflected in their organizational influence. This helps in employee retention and helps them to focus on long term organizational goals.
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