Scope creep, this is how we prevented it.

Sometimes people think and do things very differently and we are some those people, differently Coz we work remotely, the craziest thing is our CEO/PM runs all operations like development, marketing, and sales from silicon valley.

Oh, whats crazy in it? Running an onsite team itself is pain in a butt if you are doing it remotely and hire some people with inexperience then, of course, your pain increase by 10x.

But we are able to develop this agile project management tool which does performance analytics on top of project management which indeed is quite unique

As a software development company, its no secret that we have also suffered Coz of scope creep,day in day out. It maybe Coz of sudden feature implementation by overrunning ongoing sprint, or miscommunication between PM and development team.

Remember we work remotely.

Just last January itself, we had one scope creep of the ongoing sprint, our development team supposed to clean up some UI issues but the marketing team wanted this publishing tool in our too taskera for publishing content. Anyway, its a different story.

According to PMI 52% of the projects completed in the past 12 months experienced some sort of scope creep. This project may have suffered financial loss too. Furthermore, dissatisfaction among the team member may drive to death march!

Of course, nobody like scope creep and its frustrating. But we figured it out one thing if the delays or todo list or idle resource were identified, tracked and notified to managers and its team in real-time(We call it, Project tracker /Stack Of Exceptions). Then scope change could be prevented. And we did dodged scope change in 5 out of 3 times, saved a lot of time and money!

Scope creep prevention tool

This our scope creep prevention and lets see how it works. We have been using from past 9 months and its very effective in ditching scope change

Project tracker

This is how it looks for managers, you can see all the tasks which as to get it done, delays, blocked and manager your idle resource(resource management).

For team members, instead of looking at all the todo list, we thought lets show any task/issues which they have to worry about next!

Every startup has a different story, sometimes they could possibly found a solution. And this our story, we believe in share knowledge for better good. Thank you for listing to us! Thank you for listing to us!

Please do comment and share your story about scope creep.

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