2 ways artificial intelligence can help project managers
Harvard Business Review found that 54% of a project managers time is taken up with administrative duties of the project which are repetitive in nature.It includes determining the scope, budget, ground-level work like determining work schedules and ensuring releases at right time.

But the risk in a project management is always probabilistic and the human mind, to the best of its abilities, is not enough for risk management of the complex problems. So, as a project manager, I sometimes get distracted by huge multitasking and not able to focus on actual activities in the project.

According to Paul Atchley , multitasking can drop the efficiency of task by 40% and it as long-term memory and creativity losses .

The 2 ways advance algothrims / AI that assist project managers are

  1. In identifying, picking and scheduling those tasks/issues which are of high priority or requires an immediate addressing (like immediate releases which are due) from backlog.
  2. In predicting the best of outcomes in projects, such as, the planned start-and-end date of various phases, completion rate of the team, and on time product delivery.

For example, Kono.ai are able to manage schedules for project managers, essentially acting as an AI assistant or bot manager which can take away the time-consuming administration tasks from the project manager. It allows the PM and his team members to automate communications, send alert deadlines, track expenses, and determine and/or assign as to who is undertaking certain tasks.

As a project manager, I see that the AI will do more good in running projects and teams. By AI we can achieve better predictions and optimization in project management as never before. Having said that, one cannot ignore human superiority in creative thinking.

Key today is project managers should collaborate with AI for better results.

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