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Taskera for agile software development teams


Analytics are generated by cumulating all the activities in an agile sprint such as tasks, issues and projects etc and converting into performance metrics of individuals as well as for sprints. These analytics contain scores, productive graphs, ratings and other insights can be used for improving employee engagement.

Kanban boards

The Boards or the kanban boards provide your team a full clarity on what is happening in the current sprint and what is there in the next upcoming sprints. It focuses on maximum deliveries in minimum time.

Sprint Grooming

Select tasks/issues/bugs etc from your backlog. Make it Ready for Sprint. Now click on Load Sprint to add them to the current sprint. In just 3 simple steps, your sprint is ready for action.

Project Tracker

For Project managers, taskera removes all the unproductive activities and causes for the delays in real time by letting managers know.

  • If a person is working on low priority. While high priority was assigned to them.
  • If a person is blocked/idle.

Agile Reports

Get access to real time reports as such Velocity Chart, Burndown Chart, Burnup Chart etc with actionable insights to manage your sprint and team.

No import, Just effortless data migration from Jira and other tools

Workflow management
Plan, Think and Create a unique workflows which suits your team. Screen reader support enabled.
For Product managers
Manage your products and it's components, versions, and releases at one place. Screen reader support enabled.
Bug/issue tracking
Record and track bugs/issues in taskera. Easy to prioritize it, assigne it, and fix it. Screen reader support enabled.
Backlog grooming
Prepare your sprint from selecting tasks/issues from the backlog. Prioritize and organize them making ready for the sprint.
Scrum for scrum masters
Stay focused on deliverables by using boards. Speed-up your productivity by understanding your tasks/issues and their dependencies through taskera tree feature!
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